Is the generic name for "Flexible Speed" and "Flexible Strategy". This new technology is used from Sanyo CRD-BP1500P in order to avoid problems with bad media (low quality), when writing at 24x (or 20x) speed.

The "FlexSS-BP" works in 2 ways. When the drive judges that it hardly can trace the inserted disc correctly -because of the variation of discs including some serpentine tracks and off centred discs- and that the placed disc cannot stand a high power laser at high-speed recording, the drive selects the suitable recording speed for the disc and continues the recording. Thus it monitors the physical condition of disc in real time during record, and it flexibly switches recording speeds in order to maintain the optimum recording condition. In addition, the Flexible Strategy measures and evaluates the recording condition of recorded area at switching zones. Previously, the recording condition could not be checked until the recording had been completed, but a Flexible Strategy drive can restart the recording after the check of pit condition at the recording stop position and the optimisation of the recording parameters.

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