Developed from Ricoh. This new technology ensures that a high speed burning suitability check of the CD medium made when the CD is loaded for burning. If the check is successful, the burner automatically adjusts the medium's optimal burning speed between 12x and 20x for the high-speed process. The Just Speed technology avoids disc errors and slow writing speed. The mechanism controls the maximum writing speed by:

(1) using the ATIP information (maker name, model number, etc. pre-recorded on disc),

(2) performing test writing to the OPC area at the inner circumference of the disc. This write test defines the basic speed information for the burning operation.

(3) making another test that makes sure that the blank CD has no manufacturing flaws. This test decides if the whole CD can be written at the speed selected in step 2 or if further adjustment needed.

After running these 3 tests in the background, the recorder starts burning automatically at optimal speed.

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