Is actually a series of different technologies which are combined in order to give recording protection system that not only avoids buffer underrun, but ensures the written disc is of the best possible quality, even at the fastest recording speeds.

SafeBURN is the concept for error-proof CD recording, which includes (but is not limited to) Buffer Underrun Protection, 8MB buffer and Optimum Write Power Control. That means triple security with 8 MB Buffer, Buffer underrun protection and Optimum Write Speed Control. SafeBURN system, employs Oak Technology's buffer underrun protection method in the DSP and is integrated with Yamaha's own chips to achieve the highest accuracy of highest level of data continuity possible.

When data transfer is delayed and memory in the buffer drops to a critical level, recording is suspended until the buffer has regained sufficient memory, after which the recording restarts virtually seamlessly from the point at which it was suspended. The link is done at the same speed of writing. If you are writing at 20X, then the link is done at 20X. According to Yamaha the gap length between the 2 links is below one micrometer, (not measurable). Sanyo has said that the latest build of "BURN-Proof" also has no gap length (found in BP1400P series) and as for Ricoh's "Just-Link" there isn't any change in the 2-5 micrometers of gap length.

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