SCAM stands for SCSI Configured AutoMagically, a Plug&Play-Automatic system for allocating an ID. A?? SCAM-suitable devices initially are given the ID 6. The SCSI-host adapter scans the SCSI-bus when booting and thus determines all SCAM-devices attached to the bus to then allocate them unambiguous SCSI-IDs - so much in theory.

In practise however SCAM has proven to be a disappointment. Although all modern SCSI-devices SCAMsupport it, the specification leaves room for error. As a result of this there are various device couplings which do not work together at all - such as Plextor CD-ROM drives and IBM harddisks. To avoid trouble we therefore recommend deactivating the SCAM-option of the host adapter. To be completely safe, you should avoid the ID 6 if at all possible beacuse of set to this ID, some devices act strangely even if the SCAM-mode is switched off.

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