The file SCSI1HLP.VXD can be found in the Windows\System\IOSUBSYS directory and causes problems on many systems. The driver inspects I/O enquiries which concern the CD-ROM drives and compares these with the enquiries which the CD-ROM addressed can understand and if necessary modifies the command (on this, there is a list of drive models or drive vendors in the SCSI1HLP.VXD file). In some cases SCSI1HLP.VXD enforces the SCSI 1 protocol. SCSI1HLP.VXD is an additional help to the ATAPI drives. This file is needed in particular to be able the play Video CDs from IDE devices. We do not know whether this applies to all IDE devices. The file SCSI1HLP.VXD often causes problems if the EasyCD / DirectCD driver CDR4VSD.VXD is in the Windows\System\IOSUBSYS directory. The problems appear as of EasyCD Version 3.01b. CDR4VSD.VXD Versions of this version do not cause these problems. On most systems it is possible to remove the SCSI1HLP.VXD file or to deactivate it by renaming the file extension to .VX_.

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