Ultra Violet Laser Beam Recorder

Developed in 1994 in collaboration with Time Warner and Toshiba, principal designers of the DVD specification, it was the first DVD mastering system proven in a production environment. The UV LBR is capable of switching between DVD and CD mastering at the touch of a button. The shorter wavelength laser brings significant advantages to the CD mastering process. By using an elliptical recording spot it is possible to maintain DVD resolution along the length of the track, which results in lower jitter and higher I3 amplitude.

- Features Summary
Recording: Laser Argon Ion, water cooled
Wavelength: 351 nm
Lens NA: 0.9
Recording velocity: 1.1 - 5.6 m/sec
Track pitch range: 0.74 - 2.0 Ám
Track pitch variation: less than +/- 0.01 Ám
Recording area: 0.0 - 80.0 mm radius
Input options: CD (2 x speed)
Exabyte: (2.8 x speed)
Hard Disk: (4 x speed)
DLT: (1.25 MBytes/sec for DVD)
Hard Disk: (2.50 MBytes/sec for DVD)
For DVD, an additional formatter is required

- Formats Supported: CD DVD

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