Zone-Constant Linear Velocity

Is the recording technology used from Sanyo and other manufacturers in order to achieve a higher recording speed. Most previous recorders used CLV (constant linear velocity aka constant recording density) as the main recording method. The rotation speed, in the inside, of a disc at 16x recording speed reaches up to 8000rpm per minute! The high rotation causes problems to the recorder's mechanism and produces loud noise. Sanyo developed the Zone-CLV recording method in order to avoid the above two problems using the latest available technology. When a recorder uses the Zone CLV recording method, the CD is divided in 3 zones from the inner to the outer parts of the CD, in which the recording speed varies.

The recording speed at Zone1 (inner disc) is 16x speed, increases in Zone2 (after t1 time) at 20x speed and reaches 24x-recording speed at Zone 3 (after t2 time). After that, the drive accesses the recorded data area, reads and checks them and executes synchronization between the Zone1/Zone2 and Zone2/Zone3 areas. The BURN-Proof technology is used for executing synchronization between the Zone1/Zone2 and Zone2/Zone3. There isn't any gap between the various Zones.

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