CD Test Discs

Special Discs made from Philips to calibrate recorders.

Test Signal Disc 5B.3
The HF Test Signal Disc 5B3 is designed for CD disc manufacturers and CD Equipment makers. Each disc is measured individually by our experts of the Philips Standards and Evaluation Lab. The discs are delivered with the test results. In section 9 Calibration of Disc Signals of the Red book Attachment the use of Philips signal test disc 5259 is prescribed. The 5B.3 replaces the 5259 signal testdisc. Each Test sample of 5B.3 is calibrated against the 5259 signal test disc separately.

Multi-point Calibration CD set
The discs are intended to be used for calibration of CD test equipment. The Multi-point Calibration CD Disc set contains three (3) discs:
Disc 1: Predefined BLER, HF measurements
Disc 2: Predefined jitter and effect length
Disc 3: Predefined radial noise, predefined radial acceleration

CD-RW testdisc TD2
A standard CD-RW disc partly recorded. Each disc is individually measured.

Customised CD-R and CD-RW discs
Different manufacturers use different dye technologies and phase change material. The pregroove design is optimised for each process and can therefore differ considerably. Customised calibration discs measured on the reference system will improve the measurement tolerances.

Discs are tested according IEC908 documented and uniquely identified. The used instruments for testing are calibrated against laboratory standards that are either traceable to the National Institutes of Standards or are derived by approved ratio techniques.

For ISO certification purposes you can regard the Philips measurement data belonging to the disc as a direct link with a certified reference.

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