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Saturday, June 26, 2010
"Being in the review game, I know I have to keep newer products in my PC just so I have parts on hand to be able to test new coolers with. I abused my 9800 GTX+ pretty good over the past year, but it was time to move on to bigger and better things. That in mind, I decided to go with a pair of EVGA GTX 470 SC?s to run in SLI. Out of the box these cards were warm and in my pursuit to beat the snot out of them for benchmarks, I soon found the 470 to be nothing less than a nine and a half inch inferno, especially with the BIOS fan profile. Changing the fan profile to a more aggressive slope was some help, but definitely not the solution I needed if I planned to be able to get the last drop out of my cards. After a couple of emails back and forth with Danger Den, they agreed to send over a pair of their latest creations. I am very pleased to present today?s samples, the DD-GTX 470 full coverage water blocks. Danger Den offers two variations on this design. There is a Nickel plated version and the version we have today, a smooth satin, exposed copper finish. From the way I see it, the Nickel is nice, as it adds an oxidation free finish that is a lot easier to clean than the exposed copper, but does little for the effectiveness of the block itself. With that in mind, both versions of the block should perform similarly. It?s more of a cosmetic choice."
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Thursday, August 21, 2008
Today HardwareLogic will cover the newest enclosure from Danger Den, the Tower-26 acrylic case. Those considering the Tower-26 had better make sure their components are up to snuff, because if they're not, they'll be on display for all world to see. And mock. To keep it simple, the Tower-26 looks to be a fantastic option for those wanting to showcase the great deal of time and money they've spent assembling the finest in hardware.
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Friday, February 1, 2008
With the redesigned MC-TDX CPU waterblock, Danger Den has also released some new chipset blocks based on the same pin design. The new MPC series chipset blocks feature 225 heat-dissipating columns in the typical copper base. We take a look at the MPC-975X chipset block, which is designed to work with the Intel 975X chipset.
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Friday, January 18, 2008
Danger Den redesigned the TDX to improve its performance on multiple-core CPUs. This new version, dubbed the MC-TDX, features 240 pins above the CPU core area to help dissipate heat. The rest of the design is classic TDX, with its offset outlet barb, acrylic top and simple mounting hardware.
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Monday, January 14, 2008
With all the new dual core and quad core processors in the market now a days using more and more power and producing more and more heat, many people need to upgrade their cooling, as well. For many, stock coolers work just fine, but what if you have a water-cooling system? I've been running the Danger Den (DD) kit for a few years, and they have never left me behind. I love my old TDX block, but now the guys at DD have come up with something new: the Danger Den MC-TDX, which is specifically made for quad-core processors. I have yet to find out what the "MC" means in the MC-TDX means but I figure it stands for "Multi Core".
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Thursday, December 20, 2007
Danger Den is certainly a pioneer in the H20 world, and while they have grown their products, they still retain that attention to detail. They offer so many products at their site it is often better to choose a carefully selected kit. Today we test a true performer, Danger Den NIVIDIA 4101 Water Cooling Kit.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Nothing says, "My computer rocks!" quite like a sweet looking water cooling system. And it gets better and better as all the blocks evolve. This has been true for just about every water cooling manufacturer. We've seen plenty of water cooling kits and cooling blocks come and go. And it's just as interesting today as it was the first day water cooling made its appearance. DangerDen has come a long way in offering arguably the greatest Lucite cooling blocks. However, we've never had the privilege of testing anything from DangerDen up until now.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Danger Den is a name both well known and well regarded in the enthusiast community, having built a reputation for churning out high quality, high performance liquid cooling kits. From their custom built kits to their high performance water blocks and pumps, Danger Den has a solution for everyone, whether it be the first time system builder or the experienced enthusiast. But today HaredwareLogic takes a look at one of Danger Den's newer products as they forge into new territory: The Danger Den Torture Rack. As part of Danger Den's new enclosure line, the Torture Rack is aimed at those who switch components frequently, such as benchmarking enthusiasts and hardware testers.
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Friday, August 17, 2007
I know many computer enthusiasts and hobby overclockers who enjoy trying out new parts and installing new components every other week. Actually, let's put it this way -- I am one myself! One of the most prominent problems that I have experienced firsthand is, with our carefully selected and assembled components inside beautiful cases, it may not be always practical to disassemble the whole computer and reassemble them just because you need to reapply some new thermal paste between your CPU and the heatsink. Or when I recently picked up the latest motherboard, but just wanted to see how much it overclocks before I invest the next 2 hours taking out the old motherboard, installing the new one, and rewire the power supply cables so it is out of sight. No, that's not happening -- and for this purpose, at one point I actually tested a motherboard on my desk with a static bag in between and a couple of cardboard boxes to give it a gap between. All this is going to change today though -- with Danger Den's Torture Rack (No, it's not X-Rated, as certain readers inquired about the name) aimed at this particular crowd for this very purpose, how practical and well does this product serve it is criteria? Check it out -- you might end up wanting one as much as I did!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Danger Den is considered to be one of the best companies around when it comes to high performance watercooling hardware. Taking a similar approach used on their previous Tyee waterblock, Danger Den designed a full coverage waterblock for the Radeon HD 2900 Series, the DD-29XT. The waterblock and can cool both the GPU, Memory and Voltage Regulators efficiently and promises dramatic results.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Danger Den has been making water cooling blocks for ages. Now the company has decided to expand its portfolio and has started offering cases. Danger Den offers acrylic cases, with optional UV panels. Today, we take a look at the Torture rack - a case that is supposed to let you stress components to the max, provide adequate cooling for them, and make it easy for you to change over stuff quickly and efficiently.
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Monday, February 26, 2007
Danger Den is one of the most established players in the watercooling business. Their new Tyee GPU Waterblock has been designed specifically for the ATI Radeon X1800/X1900 Series and can cool GPU, Memory, Voltage Regulator and CrossFire Encoder Chip with just one block. Even though its installation is a bit complex, it shouldn't be a problem for more experienced users.
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Monday, January 8, 2007
The Danger Den Maze 5 is a waterblock that fits most ATI and NVIDIA video cards. It is engineered for optimum performance and flow rate. Danger Den has years of experience in designing water blocks, which you can see in this product. In our testing we saw an increase of maximum stable GPU clock by over 70 MHz compared to the ATI stock cooler.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2005
Danger Den lists the NV-68 at $125 MSRP, it can probably be found less somewhere other then their store. FrozenCPU is now offering an NV-68 SLI kit for $232, and I can't think of a better H20 SLI solution at the moment. If I had one complaint about this block it would be the weight which is most likely un-avoidable if one wants the same performance, and the 1/2" ID which is an entirely separate issue. I simply feel 1/2" ID system are not worth the absence of ergonomics for the purported performance gain to be had with the additional water volume. Insofar as 1/2" GPU/memory coolers are concerned, this has to be one of, if not the best on the market.
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Saturday, January 29, 2005
Danger Den continues to offer all encompassing products which assist H20 users in making water cooling uncomplicated. In this case this hasn't distracted Danger Den from what they do best (in my opinion) design and build high-performance copper coolers. While it's true MCT-5 and MCT-40 are much more costly then distilled water alone, one must remember the additional cost of anti-algae, and Water Wetter which then raises the cost significantly. To be honest I'd rather have the pre-mix done by the professionals and not have to worry.
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