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Monday, January 29, 2007
Gears of War Hand Guide

1. Gears of War Hand Guide

This simple guide consists of weapon descriptions, enemy descriptions, and cool tricks to use in combat.

If you choose to utilize this guide, it will certainly help you in your gaming experience.


Coalition Weapons:

  • Snub Pistol- this pistol is given to all Coalition soldiers. This pistol is equipped with single-firing, but you can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Though not as powerful as the Locust pistol, it holds more ammunition.
  • Lancer Assault Rifle- this is the standard rifle given to all Coalition soldiers and is fully automatic. It is intended for mid-range combat, but if the action gets up close and personal, it is equipped with a chainsaw as a melee weapon.
  • Gnasher Shotgun- this is one mean gun. It is intended for use within about 3 meters of your enemy. This gun is so powerful that it often blows your enemy into pieces… just don’t get hit by one.
  • Longshot Sniper Rifle- appropriately named, this gun is meant for long range shooting. It downs normal enemies with one shot, but some take more. For example, a boomer needs three head shots with this rifle before dieing.
  • Grenade- this is pretty self explanatory. The only difference between this grenade and other grenades is that you can melee attack with it. When you do melee, you stick the grenade to an opponent and watch him try to pull it off. Key word: try.
  • Hammer of Dawn- this is the most powerful weapon issued by the Coalition. It is capable of annihilating buildings in its power ray of emulsion. However, it can only be used outside and when the weapons satellites are aligned.

Locust Weapons:

  • Locust Pistol- this pistol is more powerful than the Coalition pistol, but it holds less ammunition. It looks more like a revolver as well. This pistol often times blows the enemies to pieces, much like the shotgun.
  • Locust Assault Rifle- this assault rifle is less powerful than the one issued by the Coalition, but it can hold more ammunition. In certain parts of the game, you will need to utilize this weapon if you run out of ammo for you Coalition Rifle.
  • Boomer Rocket Launcher- these are the rocket launchers used by boomers. You can pick these up after you kill them, but they are impractical. They are not very accurate and do not have a lot of ammunition.
  • Torque Bow- this is a fun little toy. This bow shoots and arrow that penetrates an enemy and then explodes inside them. They are very difficult to master and are not terribly accurate, but they are loads of fun. These are usually held by Theron Guards.

Enemy Descriptions:

  • Wretches- these Locusts are the easiest to defeat. They usually fall with two bullets and do not carry guns; they run on all fours and attack with their appendages.
  • Locust Soldiers- these are the most common Locust. They carry assault rifles and take cover while engaged in combat. They are not terribly hard to defeat, but they are harder than the wretches.
  • Theron Guards- these Locusts are a slight upgrade over the normal soldiers. They are harder to kill and carry a more dangerous weapon… the torque bow.
  • Boomers- these are mean, ugly Locust rocket launchers. They are also much bigger than the typical Locust and are thus harder to bring down. It takes three head shots with the sniper rifle or a whole lot more rounds from a machine gun to bring these guys down.
  • Seeders- these things are big, but not hard. They can only be killed with the Hammer of Dawn, but you can always find one right when you need it. They can’t really hurt you and really just become annoying after a while.
  • Berserkers- you face three of these during Gameplay. They are blind, but have a keen sense of sound and smell. They don’t carry a gun, but they do run you over… hard. The only way to kill one of these is once again with the Hammer of Dawn.
  • Corpser- you only have to fight one of these, but it is huge. You cannot kill it with any bullets, and it can kill you with little effort. You have to use your surroundings…

Cool (but violent) Tricks:

  • The Chainsaw- on the end of the Coalition Rifle, there is a chainsaw bayonet. Simply hold down the melee button (B) and direct your gun. You will slice your enemy in half and spatter the screen with blood.
  • The Curb Stomp- every once in a while you will wound a Locust but not kill it. They will drop to their knees and just sit there. If you walk over to their slumping body and press X, you will curb stomp them out of their misery.

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